New Braille synth, inspired by Stevie Wonder

Moog has introduced a new synthesizer, designed for visually impaired players.

The Moog Sub Phatty with Braille Overlay is a standard Sub Phatty, but with a Braille overlay. This is the first synth that we’re aware of that’s designed to meet the needs of the visually impaired, so we followed up to Moog to find out more.

“The Braille overlay was inspired by Stevie Wonder,” explains Moog Brand Director Emmy Parker. “After we saw him at NAMM in 2013, we went home talking about the possibilities.”

“We are always considering how to make our interfaces more accessible to musicians and this seemed like an obvious solution for visually impaired keyboard players,” adds Parker. “We have no idea if this is the first of it’s kind, but hopefully it won’t be the last.”

The Sub Phatty with Braille Overlay is currenty available exclusively at Sweetwater, and is priced the same as a standard Sub Phatty. Details are available at the Sweetwater site.

Lovely idea!!

Vía synthtopia



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