TRAX.102 Xosar

Here is a mix I just made for Trax Magazine. Temple of Psychick Youth affiliates meet nu LIES Records News smothered in PWOG with Timothy Leary muttering some telegraphic speech about how “you are sound” in the background. Plus some seedy field recordings from inside sewers bleeding into weirdo tapes and records excavated from crusty thriftstore basements stomped on by Unit Moebius, chewed up by Ancient Methods, spliced into tiny pieces wit samurai sword by Regis, then spit out by Terrence Dixon, the remnants of this ordeal packaged together nicely with meticulous care by Xosar and uploaded onto soundcloud with finesse by TRAX magaznine. This mix also provides insight into the fierce and powerful minds of PWOG, 400 ppm, White Material, PWOG, Local Artist, Low Jack, NGLY, Delta Funktionen, Huerco S, PWOG and many more. i dont know i think u should listen to it if you’re in a weird dark or intense mood and are looking to match that mood or lifestyle with some music of sorts”


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