Synthesizer Genome Project

Bob and emerson















Over the last 3 years, a dedicated Moog engineering team has painstakingly reverse engineered and built a 1 : 1 recreation of the world’s most famous keyboard, Keith Emerson’s Moog Modular, using original processes and components.






























Emerson Modular (b. 1970)

– 81 total modules/custom panels

– 12 unique, custom built modules including: sample and hold, preset programmer, custom LFO’s and DRONE VCO Control

– Two custom modded modules: 903 Noise Source and 905 Reverb

– First synthesizer with performance presets

– Shoots rockets






























Emerson System by Moog Custom Engineering (b. 2014)

– Every standard module printed from orignal circuit board films

– Original/Vintage and NOS (new old stock) components sourced from around the world

– All face plates reproduced using original transparencies and techniques

– Each module hand built and soldered with original schematics and service manuals as guides

– No longer shoots rockets 



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