Korg Brings Back The Keytar With RK-100S


2014 NAMM Show: Korg has announced that it is bringing back the keytar, with the Korg RK-100S.

The original RK-100 Remote Keyboard was introduced in 1984, and was designed to free keyboardists from standing behind a stack of gear.

Thirty years later, the new RK-100S improves on the original with new features and functions, including two ribbon controllers, an arpeggiator, and a vocoder. There are also ‘favorite’ buttons that allow you to register frequently-used sounds for one-touch selection.

The RK-100S also offers a built-in sound engine, not found on the original RK. Its MMT sound engine provides not only the standard analog synthesizer waveforms such as sawtooth and square, but also additional oscillator algorithms such as formant waveforms, noise, and PCM, which power two hundred programs.


A keyboard that sets you free to perform
Wooden body with a beautifully lustrous finish in your choice of three colors
Two hundred analog-modeled programs are built-in
37-note slim keyboard that’s lightweight and easy to play
Two ribbon controllers, one short and one long
Mic/audio (dual-purpose) input jack, also usable with the vocoder function
Operates on six AA alkaline batteries
MIDI output jack lets you perform using an external sound module
Use the PC editor for detailed sound program editing
Pricing and availability are to be announced.



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